Better living through better leading.

Russ Hall

To succeed in business today, leaders require core competencies and skills that aren't always taught along the way. Many of these competencies, such as self awareness, emotional intelligence and interpersonal skills, are typically cultivated internally, and often, leaders are unaware of their own underdeveloped capability in these areas. The good news is that these essential competencies and skills can be learned and developed.

Through coaching, mentoring, and leadership development BPIT develops business leaders at all organizational levels to improve their awareness, competencies and skills, and to help them become intentional about their leadership and effectiveness, enhancing their life overall. See how BPIT can help you lead better and live better.

“At an inflection point in my life and career, Russ really helped me get to the core of what I wanted, and then to implement effective strategies to become the best I could be in that area of focus.”
—JH, Senior Vice President, Information Technology Services